About SNPI

The Netherlands Participation Institute (SNPI), is a not for profit independent organization specialized in financial participation schemes for employees. SNPI exists since 1994 and is specialized in all forms of financial participations for employees (one or more). SNPI advises and assists companies from start to finish. We are in particular specialised in broad-based employee share-plans.

SNPI has three main activities:

  1. Information center
  2. Network of companies with ESO-plans and promotional activities
  3. Consultancy

Information center

SNPI promotes employee share ownership. SNPI shares information on employee share ownership via it’s website, books and whitepapers. SNPI organizes  workshops and conferences and supports research on employee share ownership.

Network of companies with ESO-plans

SNPI is the voice of companies with employee share ownership plans. Companies can become a member of our network. The companies share knowledge and experience and provide input for the promotional activities of SNPI.


SNPI is the only organization in The Netherlands that advises and helps companies to implement an employee ownership scheme.

We offer services from orientation, contracts, up till a full service agreement. A full service agreement exists of the design, legal contracts, consultation with the tax authorities, information leaflet and communication with employees.

Additional we do evaluation of existing schemes, management-employee buy-outs (MEBO) and mediation.

The only services SNPI cannot offer are: taxation of the company and the notary deeds.

We believe all companies, also SME’s should be able to implement a share ownership scheme. The fees are lower for smaller companies. 

If your company is interested in implementing an employee ownership plan in your Dutch branch, please feel free to contact our office.

Mission of SNPI

SNPI is a non-profit organization for promoting broad-based share ownership in the Netherlands. SNPI has no profit motive and receives contributions from the companies in our network, income from our consultancy work and a small subsidy from our founder SWB Foundation. This allows SNPI to operate independently from government or commercial companies.